A Thank You from Leslie

With love…

It’s difficult to write this thank you, because my heart aches for the loss of Curt on February 13, 2012.  ALS is a disease that needs a cure, and I can only hope that you continue to raise awareness.

When Curt was diagnosed in late December of 2009, the support we received was surreal, much as it is now, realizing that Curt is no longer here.  Throughout his fight, we had friends’ who stood by our side and were here weekly visiting him, and giving me a moment to run to the grocery store or do errands.  Without the love or Eric Signs and Cindy Nunn (The Dynamic Duo), that wouldn’t have been possible.  Soon, other’s visited on that same day and Curt was often surrounded by Tori Steingreaber, Ross Pope and Cheryl Maloney, too.  Love…and friendship.  Thank you to everyone who shared in our lives during Curt’s battle which he fought with such grace.  Thank you to those who sent emails, visited, sent cards, donations, helped around our home, with our children or ran errands.  I know many may think what you did was trivial, but to us, you helped us with things that we could no longer do.

Thank you to everyone for celebrating Curt’s life.  I hope I hugged you hard enough so that you knew how much we cared about you, caring for us.  We received so much kindness from those who helped getting photos ready, from Beth Herendeen from Twiggie’s for doing the arrangement Curt wanted that was over the top beautiful, to those who sent cards, gift cards, donations, gave a kind word, a hug, shared a memory, a laugh, a smile or brought supplies by.  An endearing thank you to Suzie Kramer, who used her artistic talent to create an urn that will forever be cherished.  Special thanks to Cindy Nunn, who if was not guiding me through the fog, I would have been lost, to Eric Signs for putting all the special memories and Curt’s words in place for visitation, to Tori Steingreaber and Ted Suidgeest for doing the readings, to Eric Signs and Rich Kirby for the eulogy that reflected Curt in every single word.  A celebratory thank you to the Children’s Choir from St. Joseph School – your voices were beautiful and reached Curt up in Heaven.  Thank you to Deacon Marv Robertson for presiding over the Memorial Service, to Dave Hudgens and the staff from Osgood Funeral Home for helping us make Curt’s visitation personal, to Mark Smith from Postal Connections for assisting with the printing, to the numerous families who made food for the dinner, to Cheryl Koenigsknect, Sue Detloff and women of the Knights of Columbus for organizing and supporting our family with the dinner in a way that touched our hearts, to Tera and Tom Wenzlick for helping with arrangements and food for the relief room, to Reverend Michael Dunkelberger for my personal sermon, to Shannon and Barry Kiel and family for the books, and to Erika and Ryan Karber and their children for being framily.  A special thank you to all of the children and teachers who showed us love and support and to Lee Greer, for arranging that a flag be flown in Washington, DC in Curt’s honor.  Kindness, love, support and sympathy at its finest.

We are blessed to be a part of such a caring group of people who carried us through this and sympathized with our loss.  Our gratitude for all that has been sent our way, honestly, can’t be put into words.  You were there for us in the beginning, and you were there for us throughout this, in ways that we learned about the true kindness of others.  With open arms, thank you.

With love…and we need a cure…Cure ALS,

Leslie, Quinn, Brantae and Sadye Luttig

Compassion and Kindness of Strangers I was recently contacted by Gary Horanburg of Trees, Inc. in Lansing. Gary's wife, Diane, saw Curt's obituary in the paper. Gary has generously offered to plant a tree in memory of Curt in our yard. I am sure all of you know how touched I am by this... so many good people helping us and we are forever grateful. Love and Cure ALS!